This site is a collection of my thoughts as well as projects that I have worked on. To learn more about my journey into web development please read on.


A Quarter-life Crisis

In a past life, I was a budding biology teacher invested in solving the problem of socioeconomic disparity in our country. You see, I had read Freire's "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" my first year in college and I was inspired to do something that would impact the world. I taught in inner-city schools, tutored those who couldn't afford summer school, and mentored students on their options for higher education. I went to meetings to study the latest techniques. I met with Oakland politician Noel Gallo. I didn't see teaching as a job, but rather a calling.

Eventually I was invited to be a founder of a school in Oakland and I jumped at the chance. "What a great opportunity!" I thought. However, my elation was short lived. I quickly found out what being a founder entailed, and the politics behind education. For a while I could keep up with it, but the constant bickering threatened my sanity and morality. Eventually, I decided to step aside from teaching as I could no longer educate with a clear conscience.

I went on sabbatical to meditate on my next steps. What shall I do now? Should I look towards private education? Perhaps teach in a foreign country? As I pondered my options I came upon Ruby and subsequently, Rails. I found the material to be a rehash of the things I learned in education; where I once taught students how to solve problems, I now teach a computer how to solve a problem. Over time, I found myself enjoying programming more and more.

I hope you have as much fun going over this website as I had making it. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.