Blog Redesign

A New Look

It has been less than two months since I started working on programming challenges from DevBootCamp, and yet I feel like I've already come a long way. This blog's graphical design was influenced by Tommy Dugger's blog, which I highly recommend.


When I first started remaking my blog, I wanted something that would be responsive, eye-catching, fun, and San Francisco-y(Made up a word. Hah.) to pay homage to DevBootCamp's primary location. Having been a fan of 8-bit and 16-bit games, I thought it would be cool to give my site a retro-like feel. The first thing I needed to create this feel was an illustrator for my background, so I went and contacted James off one of my favorite websites: Fiverr. James has been an illustrator for 5+ years and gives very reasonable prices. You can check out his work here.

After receiving the illustration for the background, I proceeded to tweak my wireframes to work for mobile and desktop readability. I decided to place my navbar on the leftmost side of my blog for easy access on wider desktop widths and mobile-widescreen. After that, it was a matter of searching for webfonts and colors that would complement my retro look.


After my initial redesign, I decided to send the blog to Tommy for feedback. He was kind enough to recommend removing an introduction from my landing page as it caused a cramped feel. He also pointed out small things such as centering my nav icons vs. having them oriented left. He did suggest to offset my blog-posts gray wrapper from being parallel to the bottom of my site, but after experimenting with an empty footer and comparing the layout, I preferred to leave it as is.

Next Steps

Though I'm very satisfied with the look of my website, I do want to do add some more things. As of this posting I have not yet added any JQuery scripts, so the first thing that I will do is to create some clouds to float around in the sky. (Edit: I have added my clouds and now foreign links are loaded in new window/tab while local links are loaded in same window.)I also took a look at Spritely and might use it to animate King-Kong climbing the left side of my gray wrapper. Sort of a tribute to Rampage. But that's a larger project for the future when I have more time.