CakePHP folders

An introduction...

To CakePHP folders.

Folder Description
Config Holds the (few) configuration files CakePHP uses. Database connection details, bootstrapping, core configuration files and more should be stored here.
Console Contains the console commands and console tasks for your application. This directory can also contain a Templates directory to customize the output of bake. (Bake is equivalent of rails generate)
Lib Contains libraries that do not come from 3rd parties or external vendors. This allows you to separate your organization’s internal libraries from vendor libraries.
tmp This is where CakePHP stores temporary data. The actual data it stores depends on how you have CakePHP configured, but this folder is usually used to store model descriptions, logs, and sometimes session information. Make sure that this folder exists and is writable, or the performance of your application will be severely impacted.
Vendor Any third-party classes or libraries should be placed here. Doing so makes them easy to access using the App::import(‘vendor’, ‘name’) function.
webroot In a production setup, this folder should serve as the document root for your application. Folders here also serve as holding places for CSS stylesheets, images, and JavaScript files.