Review: AR Crud


RubyonRails API


In phase 2 of DevBootCamp, we are required to do a series of 10 solo portfolio challenges. One of the challenges requires us to do a join table in AR as well as some other things. Let's take a look at the files below.

This post will be a review of Associations, Validations, and Join tables in AR.


  1. Use rake commands (generate, db, seed) to create migration and model files.
  2. Create the schemas of the migration files. This is part 1 of where you set up the joins. The first image below is your joins migraion, the ones after are the other migrations.
  3. Create the Associations and Validations in your models. The first image below is the joins model. Notice how we have two belongs_to associations. The other following images link to the joins table(has_many :levels) and link through the joins table to the other model.