Gregorc Styles

Gregorc Thinking Styles

I am an abstract sequential thinker. I am also an abstract random thinker. When I took the personal thinking styles quiz, I was split evenly between the two styles. But what does this all mean?


Abstract allows me to visualize ideas. To see the implications of whatever I am learning. According to SUNY Cortland, because I am more abstract than concrete, I use subtle ways to get a point across. Funny, I always thought of myself as very direct. However, I am pretty good at picking up subtle clues from other people.


Sequential allows me to gather information in a linear manner.


Random organizes information by chunks.

Taken together, I guess this means that I learn best by taking in chuncks of information in a linear order. This makes sense. I want to know why and how a chunk of code affects the things around it. This can definitely help me learn at DBC since I believe the material is presented in Units and scaffolded, so there is some semblance of linearity.

The biggest struggle for me thus far is that I go looking too far down the rabbit hole. As I learn new concepts, I get a bigger picture as to how everything works together, but I like to know why and how. Why is something named the way it is? How can I use this to a greater effect? I lose track of time as I research and sometimes have a hard time getting back on track.