Why Javascript?

Why is JavaScript Popular?

The main reason why Javascript is so popular is because it allows you use do things in the browswer without sending messages back and forth to the server.

Usually, a client type in a URL. This URL is like an address for a webpage. A web server will take the client's request and send back the requested webpage. But Javascript allows you to circumvent that.

What Can It Do?

Lets take a look at what Javascript can do. I have a stuffed animal named Bob. I want to send Bob on a vacation to Japan, so I type in Unagi Travel into my web browser. At Unagi Travel, there is an inquiry form so I can inquire my stuffed animal Bob's itinerary. Now if JavaScript was running on this form, I could be notified of a typo I made in my request to see Tokyo before I submit my form. However, because JavaScript is not running, I wouldn't catch this typo.

What are it's limitations?

Some limitations of Javascript include: